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USB Flash Data Recovery

We specialize in USB Flash Data Recovery. Our facilities have utilities and hardware that allow our engineers to work safely with all types of flash devices. We use an advanced set of tools to treat physical and logical damage on flash media.

usb flash data recovery

Flash media technology has progressed significantly over the last decade, and many digital devices now use high-speed flash memory as their storage system. USB flash drives are a particularly convenient alternative to external hard drives.

Data stored in flash memory device is organized in a completely different manner than on traditional hard disk drives. Memory is divided to pages then pages into blocks. Size or logic for the particular page and block depends on type of the implemented algorithm stored in controller. In addition the page layout in the memory itself is not based on linear logic so it can be many different variety or mix according to implemented algorithm.

Since there is memory chip and there is controller chip along with other electronic components without any moving parts flash media devices can resist impact damage much better than hard disk drives. Flash media is also susceptible to logical damage such as data corruption and accidental formatting.

However, in most of the cases problem is related to controller responsible for writing the data to memory as well for reading. We also recover data from monolithic USB keys.


USB Flash Data Recovery

The data recovery process starts with a free USB Flash on-line evaluation done while you still have your media. When My Data Recovery Lab receives the media our engineers will analyze your flash device to provide you with a detailed diagnostic report. This report will basically verify your on-line evaluation allowing you to review costs one more time.

We will return your data within time frame specified in you on-line evaluation. We can return your data via secure FTP to minimize your downtime. If you need faster services, we offer Emergency 24/7/365 Services.

Service options

My Data Recovery Lab has a high success ratio in data recovery from all types of USB disks, which is over 90%. Our engineers are able to treat damaged chips, broken USB connections and other mechanical issues.

Service includes

  • 24/7/365 Emergency USB Flash Data Recovery Services

  • Support for All Flash Formats and Devices (including monolithic keys)

  • Over 90 % Success Rate

  • Dedicated Equipment and On-Line Evaluation

  • No Data – No Fee Policy

When you lose data from a USB Flash drive our risk-free evaluation and no data, no fee guarantee, My Data Recovery Lab provides the best option. Start your case by calling 1-855-44-MYLAB today.


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