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  • One can’t outsmart the world

     One can’t outsmart the world
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    Although with limited capabilities security features introduced with ATA standard and password protected drives have been a standard for many years but in most cases locked drives are easily hacked. Big change’s came into play in 2001 and 2002 with the new Federal Information Processing Standard or FIPS. FIPS describes the encryption and security requirements […]

  • Seagate Data Recovery Issues

     Seagate Data Recovery Issues
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    Recently data recovery service around the nation has been flooded with Seagate drives! Basically all shapes and sizes with a staggering failing rate, some estimates at 25% annually including fancy thin 7mm drives with 2 platters and 4 heads and 2TB of capacity. More than a year ago we published an article about the Seagate […]

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

     Hard Drive Data Recovery
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    We specialize in Hard Drive Data Recovery that utilizes the most advanced technology available and offer a full range of data recovery services. Whether data loss is the result of physical damage, viruses, mechanical failure or user error you will need a reliable data recovery provider to regain access to your crucial files. My Data Recovery […]


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