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How to Submit a Request For Data Recovery Quote

Our friends from ADRECA presented their first series on How to Submit a Data Recovery quote for Desktop Computer, Hard Disk Drive and Mac Computers. After their pilot video guide which we Data Recovery Quotepresented on our blog, last week they published more videos covering the same subject. With Free Data Recovery Quote for USA you can easily submit a request for recovery of data from virtually any device.

My Data Recovery Lab incourage all of our customers and partners to use this service. The most important reason is it will not make any more damage to your data. The very first action you take after data loss will determine the likelyhood you data will ever recovered. So, how to submit a request for a data recovery quote?

Go to and you will be re-directed to the section operating for United States of America. You may watch a short video with their project manager Igor Sestanj explaining how does this web service works or proceed to sign-up page. Service asks for a valid email address. Sometimes it takes some time for confirmation e-mail to arrive. Depending on your spam policy you may want to look in spam folder for confirmation links.

Once you have confirmation link you may submit a new request. The questions are clear and it is easy to follow their seven steps. First, you select the device and operating system used. Based on your answer it goes to details of that specific device and how your data got lost. Later you select option closest to what work has been done to it and what type of files you need. Selecting more than one type of files needed is important to estimate the way of data being spread across the data storage. At the very end select type of service you require.

Allow several minutes up to an hour to receive another service email and view your quote.

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