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SSD Data Recovery

Professional SSD data recovery services with My Data Recovery Lab. We successfully recover files after a loss of access to your files due to accidental deletion or in the case your device stopped responding entirely.

ssd data recovery

SSD Data Recovery

A solid-state drive contains integrated circuits to serve as memory to store data. Although SSD’s use electronic interfaces compatible with traditional block drives, they consist of a series of flash memory chips assembled to act as a single storage device. Significant price decreases have made SSD technology more affordable over the past several years making the necessity of performing data recovery from such devices a common procedure.

My Data Recovery Lab has invested heavily in NAND research and development. Our engineers have experience with USB NAND flash data recovery as well as with including SSD data recovery including SSHD. A new service we’re trying our, although still in the public beta stage, is ADRECA’s free data recovery cost estimator. This exciting tool provides an on-line solid-state drive data recovery evaluation. Once you submit your drive to us our engineers will determine whether your drive has recoverable data and provide a detailed diagnostic report. Our lab maintains more than a 90 percent success rate.  Our engineers always work to find creative solutions to media failure issues.


If your SSD fails

If your experience data loss on a solid-state drive keep it turned off. Although SSD’s cannot sustain physical component damage during operation, it can overwrite data if used. Using your SSD after data loss reduces chances of a successful recovery. Since an SSD can suffer from memory wear keeping your drive powered off maintains your media in its original condition. Do not use data recovery software or disk utilities on your failed solid-state drive, as these can contribute to further damage of your data.

We offer our clients pickup and drop-off services at most locations. Contact us today at 855-44-MYLAB for more information about SSD data recovery.


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