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Remote Data Recovery

Remote data recovery services provide the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective solutions in data loss situations where the hardware is still functioning. Data recovery done remotely is performed via a secure connection between your system and our lab.

remote data recovery

Remote Data Recovery

When speed of recovery is highly critical in cases with logical corruption where the hardware remains functional, remote data recovery can provide a convenient option; especially in cases dealing with highly sensitive data that needs to remain in your secure location. We use a secure, encrypted connection to comply with the most stringent security standards. Remote data recovery is a cost-effective, secure and convenient.  This service provides the fastest way to recover your data, saving an average of two days off the normal shipping transit time. This allows our engineers the ability to start working on your drive as soon as the secure connection is established. You have the added benefit of working directly with a senior engineer throughout the entire recovery process.


What you should do

A My Data Recovery Lab engineer will work you through each of the steps to set  your hardware so the data recovery process can begin. The engineers will instruct you to download and install the necessary software and establish connection to our system. Remote data recovery clients connect to our lab facilities via TCP/UDP connection, creating a tunnel like point-to-point connection. It is important to note that you should avoid using programs such as Check Disk (CHKDSK) or other repair utilities to examine your drive prior to a remote data recovery attempt. These utilities commonly lead to additional unrecoverable data from your storage media.

Please note Remote Data Recovery is currently being tested. Please follow the instructions given from our Recovery Advisors.

Remote Data Recovery Lab Can Help

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