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RAID Data Recovery

My Data Recovery Lab delivers comprehensive data recovery service from RAID and NAS (Network Attached Storage) platforms. To safely perform data recovery on drives connected in RAID configuration data repair, we will first resolve any physical media issues. Our engineers can quickly restore each RAID member to a working state by performing repairs in a carefully controlled environment.

raid data recovery services

We have experience with all operating systems, file systems and common file types. Our specialists always create a complete clone of each RAID before performing file repairs, guaranteeing the best possible results.


When your RAID sustains hardware damage or logical issue problems you must act quickly to reduce the likelihood of permanent data loss.


Follow this steps:

– Shut down the RAID.

– Look for detailed RAID Recovery Cost Estimate.

Do not attempt to repair individual drives or restore/rebuild an array.

– If your RAID malfunction is the result of a mechanical failure, using file recovery software may increase the rate of permanent file loss.

– Data recovery software or other types of disk utilities may overwrite damaged data.


The best practice is to keep the RAID powered off until you can speak with a qualified data recovery professional.

Call our customer service today at 855-44-MYLAB to arrange your free RAID, NAS or Server evaluation. Open your account here, or learn more about Emergency Help.


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