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NAS Data Recovery

My Data Recovery Lab maintains the highest recovery rates for all NAS (RAID) failure scenarios, providing NAS data recovery and repair to all systems of any size.

nas data recovery

Network Attached Storage are file servers that allow easier storage for multiple computer users. NAS systems differ in complexity and size, therefore My Data Recovery Lab specialists must have extensive experience with all the various configurations in order to achieve our great recovery rate results. Our facilities are equipped with the specialized hardware, tools and talent to treat any NAS system. With this experience and expertise we maintain an overall success rate above 90% of all cases.


NAS System Failure

Network Attached Storage failures usually cause immediate data loss, and in order to improve your chances of a successful case result, we strongly recommend taking immediate action. Turn your Network Attached Storage off and disconnect it from any power sources. Do not attempt to recover the data yourself! This gives your best chance to retain your data in its original condition, allowing us to treat your case quickly and effectively.


NAS Data Recovery

We start each standard case by using the free on-line estimator tool, powered by Advanced Data Recovery Analytics. This provides you, our client, an accurate price quote and expected turnaround time for the case. Upon your approval of the online generated estimate, your NAS will be delived to our lab. There, we will perform detailed diagnostics. Once we have verified the NAS data recovery request submitted to Free Data Recovery Quote, we will first repair damaged hardware, treating each hard disk drive failures before restoring your Network Attached Storage. When we have your data recovered and tested for integrity, you will be provided a detailed list of recoverable files for your verification. Our engineers will then repair damaged files to provide you with a full copy of your recovered data.

The best practice is to keep your NAS powered off until you can speak with a qualified data recovery professional.

Call our customer service today at 855-44-MYLAB to arrange your evaluation, Open Your Account or Request Emergency Help.


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