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Mobile Device Data Recovery

Mobile device data recovery quickly became one of the top 5 services in our lab. People often forget how much critical data is stored on their mobile devices until they experience a failure. From photos, music and videos, to contacts and text messages, we often wait too long between backups. If, in fact, we ever think to back up these essential devices at all. Mobile devices are easily damaged causing the data stored on them to be lost. My Data Recovery Lab can recover data lost from a numerous mobile device models, including Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows phones and SIM cards.

Data recovery from mobile devices is a specialized skill that requires not only the latest technology and knowledge but also experience. This type of recovery is much more complex and time consuming process compared to a similar failure on other types of media, such as hard disk drives, memory cards, or USB flash.

Regardless of the type of operating system used in the mobile device, our engineers have the tools and know-how to successfully recover lost data. We recover data from devices from the standard Android, iOS, or Windows OS.  It is even possible in many cases to recover data from older phones with outdated or obsolete operating systems.


Issues and Tips

mobile device data recovery issues

In cases of logical failure, such as a factory reset or problems within the file system, it is important to immediately discontinue using the device. This helps ensure that the data recovery will be successful or at the very least acceptable. When data is deleted on most device types, every succeeding action can result in an overwrite of the deleted content working making any attempted data recovery impossible. Many users mistakenly believe that deleted data will not be overwritten until new data is saved. Unfortunately, this is not true! Whenever a device is on, it will continue to write to temporary files in the devices memory – folders with call logs and messages, creation of new accounts, surfing history, to name but a few. If you have important data on your device that has been deleted, stop using that device and contact a reliable professional recovery provider. Call 1-855-44-MYLAB for more information.


Mobile Device Data Recovery

Before recovery on a mobile device can begin, it is necessary that the device is properly diagnosed. For more information about recovery of data from an Android device follow the link.

Mobile Device Diagnostics

Mobile devices need to be evaluated by someone with advanced skills and knowledge. We highly recommend you only trust this work to a professional authorized service provider. In cases where you no longer need the mobile device or when the servicing of the present malfunction is too expensive, we are able to  perform, what is known as, a Chip-Off NAND Recovery, whereby we deal with raw data from the memory chip installed. This method differs from the procedures listed below.

Rooting or Jailbreaking

Rooting a mobile device is an action the enables administrator access to that device. Taking this action requires changes to the devices firmware. Never take this step if you don’t have the necessary experience. In almost all cases doing this renders the device’s warranty invalid. The rooting process will be only be performed with a clients consent. Without this consent, data may still be recovered but with much greater effort.

Cloning and Recovery

Once access to the devices internal memory is enabled, all physical sectors are cloned. Then an analysis of the clone is performed and finally data can be recovered.

Call 1-855-44-MYLAB and ask about mobile device (cellphone) data recovery service.

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