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Our goal is complete customer satisfaction in all matters related to data recovery. Follow our 7 easy steps to get started.

Step 1: Submit the Data Recovery Request or Create New Account

Sign up for free data recovery quote, submit the recovery request form or create new account to allow us to provide you with the most accurate analysis, please be sure to include as much detail as possible about the nature of your data loss. Please feel free to contact us at 855-446-9522 for further clarification at any time.

Step 2: Evaluation and Decision

After receiving your detailed data recovery estimate you are able to decide either to proceed with us and have your data recovered or to cancel your request while still have your drive in possession. Making a request or creating a your account with our customer support does not require your drive to be in our possession.

Step 3: Ship/Drop Off Your Media

Once you decide to submit your drive for any of our data recovery services you will be assigned a case number along with easy to follow shipping instructions. Additional information describing packaging and handling of fragile components are also available here. Drop-Off or Pickup services are available at the following locations.

Step 4: We Perform Your Recovery

After receiving your media our engineers will perform the diagnostic exam and provide you with a detailed quote. If for any reason you decide not to continue with our service, your media will be returned to you. Data recovery services are performed in highly secure and controlled conditions in our Laboratory. Our engineers use proprietary data recovery tools to create a copy of your device and perform logical file repairs as needed.

Step 5: Confirm Progress Report

You will receive a list of recoverable files and folders to validate. Please be sure and verify any and all specific files or folders you are most concerned. We always stand behind our promise, no data-no charge.

Step 6: You Receive Your Data

With your approval we will return your files on the media of your choice. You may provide your own or purchase the media from us. In some cases small files and folders may be available through a secure FTP server.

Step 7: Recovery Process is Complete

Upon receipt of your recovered files be sure to validate the content. Your files will be kept on our servers for 10 business days. On the 11th day your files will be securely deleted and the recovery case will be considered officially closed.


For more information how data recovery works, our locations and other inquiries call our customer service department at 855-44-MYLAB (855-446-9522), use this e-mail, make your recovery request or create your personal account.


We recover data from:

My Data Recovery Lab Can Help to Recover Data From HDD,SSD,RAID, Laptop, Desktop and more devices

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