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Hard Drive Data Recovery

We specialize in Hard Drive Data Recovery that utilizes the most advanced technology available and offer a full range of data recovery services. Whether data loss is the result of physical damage, viruses, mechanical failure or user error you will need a reliable data recovery provider to regain access to your crucial files. My Data Recovery Lab is here to help.

Advances in hard drive technology have allowed ever smaller devices capable of holding incredible amounts of data. It is not uncommon for a single device to contain more than a terabyte of critical data. Due to the complexity of their components they are susceptible to a variety of issues resulting in data loss.

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Experienced Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

We have successfully recovered thousands of hard drive-equipped devices for small businesses, companies and personal computer users across the nation. Our engineers have more than a decade of experience implementing sound solutions for your hard drive issues.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Services


Factors that May Cause Hard Drive Failure:


Logical Errors

Hard drives are constantly reading and writing information. Data can be lost when a file or partition error occurs. These errors can include: deleted files, viruses, damaged file systems, and more…


Electronic Component Malfunction

Hard drives use on-board electronics to operate and communicate with the computer. Primarily designed as single printed circuit boards and mounted on the bottom side of each hard disk drive, they can suffer damage due to power surges, static electric shocks and faulty power supplies. These malfunctions include damaged chips and controllers, ROM corruption, over-heating and more…


Firmware Errors

Each hard disk drive has specific software responsible for its operation. Over time this software can be damaged or corrupted resulting in data lost. My Data Recovery Lab has the specialized equipment necessary to recover data after firmware errors or corruption.


Mechanical Component Malfunction

There are several parts inside hard disk mechanics that can cause data loss. A hard drive’s heads use magnetic charges to read and write data from disk platters. Contact with these platters can cause permanent damage. Hard drive heads are designed to move on the actuator arm in a regular manner. If they fail or become less accurate data loss occurs.



Today’s devices are designed to use hard disk drives as their storage media and accidents such as a flood, fire, electric shock even intentional sabotage can result in lost data.


Hard Drive Data Recovery


Our Data Recovery Process

From initial online-evaluation to ongoing support, more businesses and consumers choose My Data Recovery Lab in any data loss situation – from simple to the most complex and catastrophic. Upon receiving your drive we will perform an evaluation and determine the extent of the damage. Our evaluation includes inspection of the device’s heads, platters and other components. Our evaluation can be done either to confirm quote given on-line or to provide you an accurate price quote and time estimate for your hard drive data recovery.

With your case approved, we will clone the drive structure and then use our proprietary software to restore your data to its original state. The master copy will provide necessary redundancy during the recovery process.


Media Return

Once your data has been recovered we will return it on the media device of your choice.


Where to Start?

Free Data Recovery Quote is online service to provide an accurate, transparent data recovery estimate, eliminating the need to deliver your media for in-lab diagnostics before seeking service.


All Hard Drive Manufacturers, Configurations & Operating Systems Supported

While you compare cost estimates My Data Recovery Lab will provide hard drive data recovery services for all operating systems. Our technicians have experience with every operating system and can find the best solution for any type of failure. We will endorse any estimate you submit from Free Data recovery Quote (Public Beta).



We also support other hard drive brands not listed above and large “donor” library which allows us to have efficient and dependable results. Call our customer service today at 1-855-44-MYLAB to arrange your evaluation, Open Your Account or Request Emergency Help.


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1 Comment

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    Robert BrownJune 6, 2014 - 10:09 am

    GREAT experience! I called My Data Recovery Lab late on the Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend. Natalie called back within 45 mins to allay my fears, and set up a pick-up for the following day – a holiday! They successfully & quickly recovered my data. Most importantly, they kept me informed while my hard drive was in their lab. They also maintained a high level of security while we worked and their rate is very reasonable.


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