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Estimate SSD Data Recovery On-Line


Over a year ago we became the first data recovery service provider to support the first true on-line data recovery cost estimator from Advanced Data Recovery Analytics. Today we are excited to announce that through our cooperation with other professional data recovery service providers, we are now able to generate the most accurate estimates for the recovery of data from any solid-state storage device.



Over 150 Supported Manufacturers

Supported manufacturers, brands and model are listed here: ADATA Technology Co., Adtec Digital, Adtron, Aeneon, Aigo, AMP Inc., Angelbird, Apacer, Asus, ATP Electronics Inc., Bigboy Technologies LLC, Bit4Ram, BiTMICRO, Buffalo Technology, Cactus Technologies Limited, Cavalry Storage Inc., Centon Electronics, Inc. Century, Chaintech, CnMemory, Codisk, Corsair Memory, Crucial Technology, CSX-Memory, Curtiss-Wright, Dataram, DeLOCK, Digicube, Dynet, Elixir, Eudar, Extrememory, Fujitsu, Fusion-io, G.Skill, GEIL, Global Wireless Medium, Green-house, Greenliant Systems, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, HP, HyperOS Systems, Hyundai, Iball, IBM, IM Flash Technologies, Imation, Imsolution, Indilinx, Infineon, Innodisk, Integral Memory, Intel, Io Data, IronKey, Itaucom, ITVACN, JMicron, K-Byte, Kaminario, KingMax, KingSpec, Kingston Technology, Konami, Kreton, Kyocera, Lenovo, Lexar, Lifetime Memory Products, Inc., Lite-On, LSI Corporation, Mach Xtreme Technology, MaxFlash, Memblaze, Memoright, MemoryTen,Micro Center, MICRODIA, Micron Technology, Microsemi, Mtron, Mushkin, MXI, Security, MyDigitalSSD, NCP, Netac, Nimbus Data Systems, Novatech Solutions, OCZ Technology, ORCHID, OWC, Patriot Memory, PhotoFast, Plextor, Pliant Technology, PNY,Power Quotient International (PQI), PowerChip, Pretec, ProMos, Quantum Corporation, Rambus, Ramtron International, Raxmaxel, Renesas Technology , Renice Technology, Ritek/RiDATA, RunCore, RunCore, Samsung Electronics, SandForce, SanDisk, Seagate, SENSEI, Sharkoon, Shikatronics, Silico, Power, Simmtronics, Simpletech, SK hynix, Smart Modular, SMART Modular Technologies, Solidata, Soligen Corporation, Sony, Spec Tek, Starex, STEC, Inc., Strontium Technology,Super Talent, SupremeTop, Swissbit, SyncMAx, TDK, Team Group Inc., TECHWORKS,Texas ,emory Systems,Toshiba,Transcend, TrekStor, Trident Space & Defence , TwinMos, Tyan, Umax, Unigen Corporation, V-DATA, Ventura Technology Group, Verbatim, VERICO, Viking InterWorks, Viking Modular Solutions  ,Viking , TechnologyViolin Memory,Virtium Technology,Western Digital, White Electronic Designs, Wilk Elektronik, Wintec Industries, Zalman and Zion.


The list is long but we wanted a chance to see them listed all in one place, all 160 of them!  It took several months of diligent hard work to put this impressive collection of vital data and information together and now it’s ready for public beta testing. Forgive us if we sound a little boastful, we are pretty proud on what we’ve been able to accomplish. 

My Data Recovery Lab is a provider of fast, reliable and secure data recovery for all types of SSD.  Now we can provide professional data recovery solutions at a discounted rate and free on-line data recovery cost estimate to back this statement up.


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