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Emergency Data Recovery


My Data Recovery Lab provides emergency data recovery and file repair services for users across the nation. When you need the fastest possible turnaround, we can help by assigning a team of experienced engineers dedicated to your case for around the clock service. We provide this expedited emergency options for all types of digital storage devices, RAID and hard disk drives. With our no data – no fee policy, you’ll get the fastest results, guaranteed.

emergency data recovery

Emergency Data Recovery

Data storage devices can fail without warning, and in order to improve your chances of a successful recovery, you should take immediate steps to preserve your media in its original condition.

My Data Recovery Lab recommends shutting down your storage device(s) to avoid further damage. Contact a professional data recovery company as soon as possible. It is crucial not to run file utilities or attempt to diagnose the failure, as this contributes to logical file corruption or physical issues which may already be present.

Emergency data recovery services include

  • A 54-Hour Average Case Completion Time
  • Success Rates of 92 Percent for Most Devices
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery Specialists
  • Upfront Data Recovery Quote
  • No Data No – Fee Guarantee

Data loss can result in serious disruptions to your business. My Data Recovery Lab recognize the importance of fast case completion times. Our in house service metrics show that our 24/7/365 emergency team preforms most turnarounds in less than 54 hours. We are able to return lost data from your hard drive or RAID recover case with in that time frame.

A unique feature of our service is our on-line emergency data recovery evaluation, preformed prior to delivery of the device, which is the fastest way to engage a responsible emergency disaster recovery plan.

We offer our clients pickup and drop-off services at most locations. Contact us today at 1-855-44-MYLAB for more information.

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