• Advantages of On-Line Data Recovery Estimate

     Advantages of On-Line Data Recovery Estimate
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    My Data Recovery Lab has new data recovery estimate tool not just supported but integrated to our on-line services! Free Data Recovery Quote in now My Data Recovery Lab, on-line cost estimator improves our services with its on-going analysis of current practices and procedures proving itself as a valuable resource of information. We invite you […]

  • Annual report: Data Recovery

     Annual report: Data Recovery
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    Although just days behind this might be a good time for a data recovery industry annual report. Great info-graphic above presented by ADRECA illustrates what was behind us but also in many ways showing us what lays ahead. Data Storage Technology As NAND based data storage devices continue to flood the market we have seen […]

  • Data Recovery Lab

     Data Recovery Lab
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    My Data Recovery Lab can help when your Hard Drive Failed? USB flash drive not working? Lost pictures on you mobile device? Data lost? No backup? We Can Help…. My Data Recovery Lab makes it easy for you. with technology, special tools and advanced proprietary software and our highly skilled professional data recovery specialists we […]

  • NAS Data Recovery Lab

     NAS Data Recovery Lab
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    You guys are one of the BEST IT Support Companies I have ever come across! My NAS server went down few weeks ago and Van came to the rescue! My Data Recovery Lab recovered ALL MY FILES within 5 business days! Other companies we went to gave us much longer time frame and higher cost […]

  • MDRL attended the ACE Lab Conference in Prague

     MDRL attended the ACE Lab Conference in Prague
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    My Data Recovery Lab attended the biggest ACE Lab Data Recovery Conference held on April 22, 2016 in Prague.   While completing the second part of our research and development project we are inviting you to download the latest paper NAND Flash Data Recovery Cookbook published in March 2016. This guide should help you understand […]

  • New App on the Microsoft Store

     New App on the Microsoft Store
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    Yes, there is a raising new app on the Microsoft Store! My Data Recovery Lab is proud to announce its first official app submitted to Microsoft App Store. In less than a month we had over 1000 acquisitions from Windows 10 and Windows 8 (8.1) users, both. We are looking forward to Android version soon […]

  • Important Notice

     Important Notice
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    This is an important scam notice to all of our users. We have received numerous requests from various countries which are not relevant to our business. Apparently some business owners like our logo and business name to promote their data recovery services. We have been contacted numerous times with a person ready to send a […]

  • 100 Data Loss and Recovery Resources

     100 Data Loss and Recovery Resources
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    We’ve complied a list of the most relevant resources about data loss and recovery to help you stay informed concerning all issues related to data loss, recovery and prevention. Ultimate list of Data Loss and Recovery Resources   Data Loss 7 Greatest Causes of Data Loss – The most common reasons for data loss? Every day events […]

  • Careers

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    Data Recovery Careers We are always looking  to collaborate with brilliant people interested in new and innovative solutions to data recovery methods. My Data Recovery Lab’s team combine their talents in engineering and information technology with professional business and social marketing skills. Together we are a driving force revolutionizing the Data Recovery industry. Current Openings: My Data […]

  • Apple Data Recovery

     Apple Data Recovery
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    My Data Recovery Lab offers fast, cost-effective apple data recovery solutions for all products including Mac series, iPhones, iPads & iPods. Apple devices have many built-in safeguards against data loss. This is one reason why Apple computers hold a loyal fan base and remain popular. Unfortunately, no computer manufacturer can offer fool-proof data protection. Our Service Will […]

  • How to Use an External Hard Drive

     How to Use an External Hard Drive
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    External hard drives are extremely easy to use, simply attach the devices cable into your computer’s USB port and  if the power supply is external, plug it in.  In most cases, the necessary software will automatically install on your computer. Now you’re ready to use your new storage device. How to use an external hard drive Are […]

  • Research and Development

     Research and Development
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      For over a decade our engineers are devoted in exploring options and new technology for more efficient recovery of data from all storage devices. Our current research and development is focused around following projects/subjects: Flash NAND Data Recovery JTAG Acquisition and Data Recovery Tools for HDD Head Replacement and Service of Spindle Motor Bearing […]

  • Memory Card Data Recovery

     Memory Card Data Recovery
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    Memory card data recovery is the most popular service among our customers as this type of media is just another form factor of digital storage which use NAND flash memory chips as storage. Here at My Data Recovery Lab we have the specialized skills necessary to recover data from all known types of commercially manufactured […]

  • Desktop Data Recovery

     Desktop Data Recovery
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    Pre-estimated and risk-free desktop data recovery estimate with no data – no fee policy from My Data Recovery Lab gives you peace of mind while you are recovering after data loss incident. Long story short if we cannot recover your most important files, you never pay a service charge of any kind. Desktop Data Recovery […]

  • Remote Data Recovery

     Remote Data Recovery
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    Remote data recovery services provide the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective solutions in data loss situations where the hardware is still functioning. Data recovery done remotely is performed via a secure connection between your system and our lab. Remote Data Recovery When speed of recovery is highly critical in cases with logical corruption where the […]

  • SSD Data Recovery

     SSD Data Recovery
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    Professional SSD data recovery services with My Data Recovery Lab. We successfully recover files after a loss of access to your files due to accidental deletion or in the case your device stopped responding entirely. SSD Data Recovery A solid-state drive contains integrated circuits to serve as memory to store data. Although SSD’s use electronic interfaces […]

  • NAS Data Recovery

     NAS Data Recovery
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    My Data Recovery Lab maintains the highest recovery rates for all NAS (RAID) failure scenarios, providing NAS data recovery and repair to all systems of any size. Network Attached Storage are file servers that allow easier storage for multiple computer users. NAS systems differ in complexity and size, therefore My Data Recovery Lab specialists must […]

  • USB Flash Data Recovery

     USB Flash Data Recovery
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    We specialize in USB Flash Data Recovery. Our facilities have utilities and hardware that allow our engineers to work safely with all types of flash devices. We use an advanced set of tools to treat physical and logical damage on flash media. Flash media technology has progressed significantly over the last decade, and many digital devices […]

  • Emergency Data Recovery

     Emergency Data Recovery
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      My Data Recovery Lab provides emergency data recovery and file repair services for users across the nation. When you need the fastest possible turnaround, we can help by assigning a team of experienced engineers dedicated to your case for around the clock service. We provide this expedited emergency options for all types of digital storage […]


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